Specialized in timelapse, aerial photography and special effects

Casper Rolsted




Casper Rolsted

Visual artist based in Denmark and specialized in timelapse, aerial photography and special effects

Casper uses his technical skills as engineer and dedicated research and experimentation to develop new tecniques that can produce both stunning and unique films


“Undisturbed Norway” was in April 2018 Staff Picked on Vimeo and received 150.000 views within two weeks. Later it was selected to one of the very best nature-focused timelapse films on the internet by Vimeo´s curation team

“The Silence of the Dolomites” and “Dolomites – a timelapse adventure” were both in the summer 2018 chosen as some of the best films on Vimeo and received the honorful staff pick badge

My passion for nature photography

I grew up close to nature in beautiful area with rivers, lakes, forest and wide open spaces. I used many hours in my childhood exploring the nature and today I often go there for regenerating both mentally and physically. For me it has been the perfect playground and I have never been tired of being there. Nature is always evolving and there are always new things to discover.

My interest for photography began already in my early teenage years with help from an old Petri SLR camera. I used many interesting hours with this hobby – first in the nature shooting landscapes and afterwards in the darkroom processing the photos. I clearly remember the distinct smell of chemicals in the darkroom and the excitement when the final images were reviled on paper in the chemical baths.

The interest for photography have followed me ever since. I even had the privileged to work a few years as engineer with development of digital camera backs for the Danish company Imacon (Today Imacon is merged with Hasselblad).

My first real experience with filmmaking came in the spring 2016 when I acquired a Sony a6300 mirrorless camera and a DJI Phantom 4 drone. Very fast I fell in love with the challenge of making timelapses and aerial photography. In the summer 2016 I drove from Denmark to the North Cape with the purpose of shooting footage for a few short films about the nature in Norway.

After finishing five successful short films with footage from my trip to the North Cape it was time for further explorations with my cameras. In 2017 I had the pleasure to visit both Cinque Terre and Sestri Levante in Italy and Norway in both spring and summer. Norway is amazing for nature photography with its deep blue fjords, snowy mountains and beautiful waterfalls. I am looking forward to returning in 2018.

The silence project

In April 2017 I started the Silence Project. Through a series of films I will present nature at its most natural. To fully capture the authentic atmosphere of the places I will combine the visuals with detailed soundscapes. No music or artificial sound effects will be used in the films only the songs from nature’s own sound library. To make the experience as natural as possible both the audio and video will be recorded in some of nature’s most undisturbed places. Further, I will keep the editing as simple as possible without any fancy transitions or other special effects.

This project was born out of love for the undisturbed places in nature. The goal of the project is to share the wonders of nature with as many people as possible and thereby ensuring its protection and enjoyment for generations to come. I plan to accomplish this goal through stunning short films with breathtaking video and audio.

You can see films, hear sounds and read more about the silence project here:


The honorful badge for the best films on Vimeo


Comments from clients and viewers


“This is stunning. I was totally sucked into these shots. Loved the minimal music.” 

Meghan Oretsky

Vimeo Staff

“Casper, you're absolutely a great time-lapse artist. Every video you release gives us amazing sequences and tips to learn on how to improve our technique.”

Marco Famà

Founder of Time Lapse Network

“We absolutely loved the video! Looking forward to more of these, keep up the good work!”


Manufacturer of camera equipment

"This is freaking beautiful. The lack of music really amplifies the visuals here." 

Jeffrey Bowers

Vimeo Staff

“I watch a lot of time-lapse videos on YouTube and Vimeo but this one really stands out. I was particularly struck by Rolsted's use of audio throughout the video. The soundtrack complements the scenery well and the ambient sound effects stand out, conveying a sense of place.”

Aneesh Kothari


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