High-resolution Timelapses with Motion Blur, Light & Motion stabilisation & Clean Up

Visual Effects

Flow Motion Zoom, Particle simulation, Advanced Morphing, 3D Motion Tracking & Rotoscoping

Film Project

Filmediting, sound design, Motion Graphics, Color correction, color grading & Visual Effecs

Imagine having high quality timelapse footage with unique visual effects for your next film project. Footage that will help you to stand out in a competitive market.

Timelapses are unfortunately too often characterized by disturbing objects, annoying flicker and being too static. The poor quality disturbs the experience and can make a film appear unprofessional. There is an urgent need for something new.

My technical skills as engineer together with dedicated research and experimentation in timelapse technology are used to develop new techniques which solves the mentioned problems and can help you create something special. Your work will fascinate the audience and create magical moments.

The honorful badge for the best films on Vimeo


Undisturbed Norway was in April 2018 Staff Picked on Vimeo and received 150.000 views within two weeks. Later it was selected to one of the very best nature-focused timelapse films on the internet by Vimeo’s curation team

The Silence of the Dolomites was in August 2018 chosen as one of the best films on Vimeo and received the honorful staff pick badge. Few days after my Silence Project was presented on TV by the Mexican news and information channel Noticieros Televisa.

Dolomites – a timelapse adventure was in September 2018 chosen as one of the best films on Vimeo and received the honorful staff pick badge

Comments from clients and viewers


“This is stunning. I was totally sucked into these shots. Loved the minimal music.” 

Meghan Oretsky

Vimeo Staff

“Casper, you're absolutely a great time-lapse artist. Every video you release gives us amazing sequences and tips to learn on how to improve our technique.”

Marco Famà

Founder of Time Lapse Network

“We absolutely loved the video! Looking forward to more of these, keep up the good work!”


Manufacturer of camera equipment

"This is freaking beautiful. The lack of music really amplifies the visuals here." 

Jeffrey Bowers

Vimeo Staff

“I watch a lot of time-lapse videos on YouTube and Vimeo but this one really stands out. I was particularly struck by Rolsted's use of audio throughout the video. The soundtrack complements the scenery well and the ambient sound effects stand out, conveying a sense of place.”

Aneesh Kothari


Feel free to send me an email


Feel free to send me an email

- if you want to hire me for a project or want to licence footage from my films. You can use this contact form or send me a message through social media.

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