Shoting Techniques

Timelapses and cinematic video is shot with professional cameras from tripod, from motorized slider with pan and tilt head, from gimbal stabilizer or from drone.

I have a huge library of stock footage and I can shoot all kind of footage: Cityscapes, landscapes, weather phenomena, night sky, day to night, long term and events.

If you want something special for your next film project then take a look at the Visual Effects I provide. They can be added to most kind of footage.

Quality and resolution 

Timelapses are delivered in 6K (6000×4000), ProRes444.

Aerial footage is delivered in 4K (4096×2160), H.264, up to 60 fps.

Included footage Treatments

Footage in high quality is essential in a professional film project. I shot footage in high resolution and use advanced post production techniques to ensure you get the best quality. Here are some of the included footage treatments:

Motion Blur – Applying natural-looking motion blur to smoothing out waves, streams and other fast moving objects.

Light Stabilisation – Smoothing out colors. Removing annoying flicker and artifacts due to fluctuations in light intensity. Light fluctuations is usually caused by variations in camera or shadows from clouds.

Cleaning Up – Removal of noise, dust, disturbing artifacts and objects (e.g. birds, people, cars).

Motion Stabilisation – If needed the footage is stabilized in post production to ensure a completely smooth footage.

Night Sky
From Tripod
From Slider
From Gimbal
From Drone

Feel free to send me an email


Feel free to send me an email

- if you want to hire me for a project or want to licence footage from my films. You can use this contact form or send me a message through social media.

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